Uz-Kyr-Tur: Caravan from Bishkek to Nissa through Samarkand

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Active for over 2000 years, the Silk Road had perhaps the greatest affect on human history than any other cultural phenomenon. It was the discovery of easier and safer sea routes in the 16th Century which suffocated the Silk Road; putting an end to a remarkable time these regions haven't seen the likes of again... until now... In celebration of those ancient times and the new openess occuring throughout these regions, our team will endeavor to pass this historical road as it was originally crossed, via Camel Caravan. The journey will begin in Bishkek... From Bishkek we will continue on through Fergana, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva , Nissa, Ashgabat.

China – Bishkek – Сhoktol (Issyk-Kul) – Kochkor – Songkul lake – Bishkek – Osh – Andijan – Ferghana-Margelan – Kokand – Tashkent – Samarkand – Shahrisabz – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva – Dashoguz – Konya Urgench – Darvaza – Ashgabat – China

Day 1 / Sunday/China – Bishkek – Сhoktal (Issyk-Kul) TK 346

Silk Road trips

Flight to Bishkek from China. Meeting with guide and transfer to hotel. Having rest. Breakfast. Visit the capital of Kyrgyzstan by Place Dostyk, The Opera, Dubovy Park, the National Museum and the largest market in Bishkek – Osh bazaar. Lunch. Departure for Issykkul Lake (1600 m. Alt.). Visit the Burana Tower on the road. Arrival to Сhoktal and transfer to hotel. Dinner.Overnight in the hotel

Day 2 / Monday/ Chotkal – Kotchkor

Breakfast. It is time to enjoy the lake (possibility of swimming, walking). Lunch. Drive to Kotchkor. Arrival and accommodation in courtyard home stay. Diner and overnight in th homestay.

Day 3 / Tuesday/Kotchkor– SongKul

Breakfast. Departure to Song KulLake via the pass KalmakAchu(3448m alt.)to meet the nomadic herders. Arrival and accommodation in the yurt. Lunch. It is time to enjoy nature and the lake (possibility to walk, meet shepherds, and attend presentations equestrian games). Diner. Night in a yurt.

Day 4 / Wednesday/ Song kul – Bishkek – Osh

Breakfast. Drive to Bishkek through beautiful landscapes. Lunch on the road. Arrival and transfer to the airport. Flight to Osh. Diner and overnight in hotel

Day 5 / Thursday/ Osh – Andijan – Fergana

Breakfast. Contune Silk Road trips along Uzbekistan, Drive to Fergana. Crossing Uzbek-Kyrgyz border and customs formality in the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border. We pass through Andijan city. Arrival in the city Andijan. City tour by the city bazaar oriental. Lunch. Continuing the road and arrived in Fergana in the afternoon. Accommodation in the hotel, diner, overnight in hotel

Day 6 / Friday/ Fergana – Margelan – Rishtan – Kokand – Tashkent

Breakfast. Drive to Tashkent via Margelan and Kokand.Margelan visit the silk factory is unique in the country, visit the weaver workshop and the procedure of weaving fabric famous atlas, silk carpets. In Rishtan stop off at a famous ceramist to visit his studio. Arrival in Kokand. Lunch in a Tchay-khana. Visit the palace of Khoudayar Khan, the royal cemetery and the Friday Mosque of Kokand to 99 columns. Following the road through the pass Kamchik (2300 m alt, 3 pax by taxi for groups). Arrival and transfer to hotel. Diner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 7 / Saturday/ Tashkent

Breakfast. Contunie Silk Road trips. Visit to Tashkent by Chorsu bazaar, Complex Khast- Imam.We wonder through the Place of Independence, Square of Amir Timour, and the  Tashkent metro. Lunch, diner, overnight in hotel

Day 8 / Sunday/ Tashkent – Samarkand

Early breakfast.Transfer to the station at 06:00. The fast-speed Afrosyab train will be at 07:00. Arrival to Samarkand at 09h15 and transfer to the hotel. Visit the mausoleum Gur Emir and the Registan Madrasah of Ulugbek, Sher Dor Madrasa, Madrasa Tillya Kari. Lunch. Visit the mosque of BibiKhanum, the Siyab bazaar and ShakhiZinda necropolis. Diner, overnight in hotel

Day 9 / Monday/ Samarkand – Shahrisabz– Samarkand (80 km)

Breakfast. Drive to Shahrisabz by the pass (taxi, 3 persons per car). The road through the mountains of minerals landscapes. Arrival and sightseeing tour by Ak-Saray palace of Timour, the bazaar, and the complex Dor-ut-Tilovat and Dor-us-Siyodat. Lunch. Back to Samarkand. Free time to discover the city. Diner, overnight in hotel

Day 10 / Tuesday/ Samarkand – Bukhara

Breakfast. Visit the Ulug-bek observatory and the workshop paper (Samarkand silk paper production by old-time technology).Transfer to the Rail Station at 10:30. Departure by train to Bukhara at 11:30. Lunch (free, there must be something to eat in the train). Arrival in Bukhara at 15:15 and transfer to the hotel. Free time for the first glimpse of the city. Diner, overnight in hotel

Day 11 / Wednesday/ Bukhara

Breakfast. Contunie Silk Road trips.Take a walking sightseeing tour with a guide in historic center of Bukhara which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site: Bolo-Khauz mosque, Samani dynasty mausoleum, Kalyan Ensemble and legendary Ark fortress Madrasah of Ulugbek and Madrasah of Abdulazizkhan. One of the oldest monuments in Bukhara Magoki- Attari mosque, and Lyabi Hauz Complex with Nadir Devan Begi madrassah, the madrassah Koukaldash, the Khanaka and Tim (trade dome), Tim Abdullakhan. Lunch, diner, overnight in hotel

Day 12 / Thursday/ Bukhara

Breakfast. Visit Bakhouddin Naqshbandi was the great Sufi of Central Asia, the summer palace of the emir of Bukhara Sitorai-Mohi-Khosa and the small Chor Minor madrassah. Lunch. Free time to stroll and discovery real time Bukhara. Diner, overnight in hotel.

Day 13 / Friday/ Bukhara – Khiva

Breakfast. Contunie Silk Raod tirps. Drive to Khiva (450 km). The road passes through the desert of Kum Kizyl and sand dunes. Lunch in a Tchaykhana. Later afternoon arrival in Khiva and transfer to hotel. Diner, overnight in hotel

Day 14 / Saturday/ Khiva

Breakfast. Visit architectural monuments, including the truncated minaret Kalta Minar, the Mohamed Aminkhan madrasas. Visit Kunya-Ark, Said Alauddin Mausoleum, Arab- Mukhammadkhan madrasah, Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum, minaret of Islam-Khoja, Tash- Khovli, the Palace and the Harem Khan, Juma mosque. Lunch, diner, overnight at hotel

Day 15 / Sunday/ Khiva – Dashoguz – KunyaUrgench – Darwaza

Continue Silk Road trips. Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Turkmen border (20 km = 20 min).Cross border and meet with Turkmen guide and car. SS of KunyaUrgench: Mausoleum of Fakhr-At-Din – Built in 12-13 centuries, it is small, almost square erection crowned with the 12 sided marquee. Themausoleum is connected with the name of scientist Fakhr-ad-din.SultanTekesh Mausoleum – 1172-1200y. – mausoleum presents semicubic erection, crowned with the high conic cupola.TurebekKhanumMausolum – the mausoleum is connected with name of  the TurebekKhanum wife of the Urgench governor KutlugTemur. The building consists of the big 12 side volume with the high portal, joining it from South and the small right angled building from the North. Mausoleum of Najmitdin Kubra and Sultan Ali – the mausoleum ensemble of Najmitdin Kubra (XIVc) and Sultan Ali (XVIc)are located at the center of the Muslim cemetery in front of each other.  KutlugTimur Minaret – 60m in height the minaret was buil in 1320-1330 by gold hord khan KutlugTemur. Lunch at restaurant or picnic. Drive to Darwaza (335 km = 6 hours). Arrival and accommodation at tents. Enjoy evening view to burning gas crater. Picnic, overnight in the tents.

Day 16 / Monday/ Darwaza – Ashgabat

Breakfast in tents. Contunie Silk Road trips. Enjoy morning view to burning gas crater. Drive to Ashgabat (270 km = 4 hours) . Yerbent village. On the way Mud crstor, water crator. Afternoon  arrival Ashgabat. Rest in hotel. Dinner at local restaurant. After dinner watch panoramic view of Ashgabat city from: Arch of neutrality, Constitution monument, Alem – Ferry wheel .Park to Lenin. Wedding Palace building with Observation platform

Day 17 / Tuesday/ Ashgabat – Nisa – Ashgabat

Breakfast. Visit the National Museum of Turkmenistan – (closed on Tuesdays & during National Holidays)about 500 000 artifacts dedicated to the Bronse Age, Antiquity and Middle age history of Turkmenistan. Other sections of the museum are Nature, Ethnography, Military, Jewelry sections. There is also section with the gifts of the president. Second floor of the museum is a S/S platform from which the giant carpet “Turkmenbashy” can be observed. Nisa (III c) Parthia capital inhabited till the 19c. Diggings have revealed a grandiose architectural complex consisting of ceremonial hall, treasure house and residences. UNESCO cultural heritage. Lunch. Free time for visit Ashgabat. Diner, overnight in hotel

Day 18 / Wednesday/ Ashgabat – China

Finish Silk Road trips.Transfer to the airport and flight to China at 05:10 on flight TK 323.