Uz-Taj:Lakes in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Fann mountains of treasures and cultural tour in Central Asia (14 days)

There are several lakes in Tajikistan really worth to visit. The largest lake of Tajikistan is Karakul (the Eastern Pamir). The deepest lake of Tajikistan is Lakes:
Kulikalon lakes, Artutch lake,Moutniy, Alauddin, Chukurak


Tour summary:

Day 1//(3-7) China-Dushanbe

Fly to Dushanbe by China airlines, overnight at the board.

Day 2//(4-1) Dushanbe-Alauddin  (140 km)

Tajikistan tours

Arrive to Dushanbe at 04h30 and meet with the guide. Start Tajikistan toursPicnic is in the city. Go out to the lake Alauddin cross the valley Zarafshan. Continue the tour. Picnic is on the road. Arrive and accommodation in the tent. Meet with —- . Dinner and tonight sleep in the tent nearby the lake.

Day 3// (5-2) Alauddin- Mutniy-Alauddin  (6 hour walking)

Breakfast. After breakfast, go up to the lake Piyola, furutniy lakether M (3500m) looking beautiful peaks of Zamok  (5070m).Dinner and overnight in tents on the shore of the Lake.Walk towards to the lake Moutnyi pass though the village shepherd. This trip takes you to watch the top of mountain Fankiy: Zamok (5070 m),  Paygamber (4938 m) , Energiya (5120 m) Chimtargha (5498 m) the pass Kaznok (4040 m). Picnic is on the road. Come back to the camp.

Dinner and sleep in the tent.

Day 4// (6-3) Alauddin-KuliKalon  ( 6 hour walking)

Breakfast. Continue Tajikistan tours. Walk towards the pass Alauddin (3860 m), possibility to view the scenery of Chapdara (5050 m), Adamkul (4700 m) and Maria (4970 m). Picnic, come back to the camp.Climb up to Alouddin pass (3860m). On top of the pass there is a very good and close panorama of peaks, including Chapdara (5050m), Adamkuh (4700m) and Maria (4970), which has a long history of mountaineering. At Mariay we can see all the glaciers and lakes of Kulikalon. Picnic on the way. Get dawn to through Dushakhalake to Kulikalon (2900m) (5-6 hours work) .Dinner and overnight in tents on the shore of the lake.

Dinner and sleep in the tent.

Day 5// (7-4) KuliKalon-Tchukurak  (6 hour walking)

Breakfast.We get dawn the Chuqurak pass (3180m)   to  Chukurak lake (2450) (Deep Lake)” Meet with local residents who live in villages seasonal, picnic near the lake. Then get dawn to Yakkahona (1800m) through the gorge Uredzh Valley.After breakfast, walk around Kulikalon lakes, viewing mine Florida, lunch at the camp. It is  possible fishing, (5-6 hours work). Dinner and overnight in tents on the shore of the lake. Walk towards to the pass Tchukurak (3180 m), Picnic and we descend to the lake Tchukurak (2450 m), meet with the local people. Dinner and tonight sleep in the tent.

Day 6// (1-5) Tchukurak-Artutch  ( 6 hours walking)

Breakfast. Walk to Artutch. Picnic and accommodation home-stay. Dinner and overnight at home-stay.

Day 7// (2-6) Artuch-Bekobod –Tashkent-Khiva

Breakfast. Drive out to cross the border Uzbek. Finish Tajikistan tours. Meet with the guide Uzbek and transfer to Tashkent, Lunch. Start Uzbekistan tours. Visit the capital of Uzbekistan: The main bazaar “Chorsu”, the Khast-Imam Complex, the place Independence and Amir Timour Square, and the Metro of Tashkent. Transfer to the airport and fly to Khiva. Arrive and check in to hotel. Dinner. Overnight at hotel

Day 8// (3-7) Khiva

Breakfast. In the morning guided sightseeing tour program in Khiva. You start the visit by the entrance to the fortress gate “Ata Darvaza” in Itchan- Qala. Visit the Kaltaminar, Kunya-Ark, Said Alauddin mausoleum, MukhammadRakhim-khan madrasa. Lunch. Continue sightseeing tour by PakhlavanMakhmud mausoleum, minaret of Islam-Khoja, Tash- Khovli Palace and harem, Juma mosque. Dinner. Overnight at hotel. 

Day 9// (4-1) Khiva-Bukhara  (480 km)

Breakfast. In the morning we leave to Khiva. We pass through the sand-dunes in Kyzyl-Kum desert. Stop at the Chaykhana (tea-house) having lunch. Arrive later afternoon and accommodation at hotel .Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10// (5-2) Bukhara

Breakfast. In the morning to continue the sightseeing tour in old part of Bukhara. Visit Ismail Samani Mausoleum (IX-X c), Chasma- Ayub Mausoleum, Bukhara local bazaar, Ark Fortress or town citadel and Bolo-Hauz Complex. Lunch. There is a currently still used old madrasah Miri-Arab, Poi-Kalon Ensemble including the minaret Kalyan, TaqiZargaron (Trading dome of the jewelers), Ulug-Bek madrasah, Abdulaziz-khan madrasah, Taqi Telpak Furushon (trading dome of the hatters), MagokiAttori mosque, Toqi Sarrafon (Trading dome of the money changers), Labi Khaouz complexe. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 11// (6-3) Bukhara-Samarkand (280 km)

Breakfast. Start the sightseeing tour to the summer residency of Emir of Bukhara- Mokhi-Khossa, and the complex of Bakhouddin Naqishbandy. Lunch. Drive to the Samarkand. Arrive to Samarkand and check in to hotel. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 12// (7-4) Samarkand

Breakfast. Visit to the mausoleum Gur Emir (Tamerlane’s Tomb), Registan Square. Lunch. Continue the sightseeing tour by Bibi-Khanym mosque and the town’s excellent bazaar Syab, Shakhi-i-Zinda necropolis. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 13// (1-5) Samarkand-Tashkent (300 km)

Breakfast, the sightseeing is by Afrosyab museum and the workshop of silk papers production by old-time technology.  Drive out to Tashkent. Arrive and check in to hotel. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 14// (2-6) Tashkent-China

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport at 06h30 and fly to China at 09h15.

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