Uz-Taj: Highlights of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan 13 days

Highlights of Central Asia (13 days 11 nights)

Travel Central Asia

Get yourself to lovely destination: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. this travel Central Asia is 13 days  combo trip brings together two cultures for visitors. Trekking on the Fann Mountains before visit the cultural center Samarkand. Spend night in a yurt and camp. A tour for all kind of adventures

China – Dushanbe – Alaouddin – Koulikalone – Tchoukourak – YakkaKhona – Khujand – Tashkent -Urganch – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent – China

Day 1//(3-7) China-Dushanbe

Fly to Dushanbe by Turkish airline, there is two flights in the week every Wednesday and Sunday.

Day 2// (4-1) Dushanbe-Alaouddin (140 km)

Start travel to Central Asia. Arrive to Dushanbe and meet with guide at the airport. Transfer to the Lake Alauddin (2750 m) go to via the gorge Varzob. Picnic is in open air on the road. Arrival and accommodation is at the camp. Diner and tonight sleep in the tent in the short of lake.

Day 3// (5-2) Alauddin-Moutnoy-Alauddin  (walking 6 hours)

Breakfast. Go to climb towards the lake Moutniy (3500 m) stop off the lake  Piyola. This journey takes you to tempting scenery of peak of Zamok (5070 m), Energie (5120 m), Mirali (5060 m) and Tchimtarga (5489 m) the highest peak of mountains Fanskiy. Arrive to the lake Mournoy and picnic is in the short of lake. Come back to the camp. Diner and sleep in the tent.

Day 4// (6-3) Alauddin-Kulikalon  (walking 6 hours)

Breakfast. Climb to the pass Alauddin (3860 m) where you can watch the view of glace and peak Tchapdara (5050 m) Adamkouh (5070 m) and Mariya (4970 m). Picnic is in the nature. Cross the lake Kulikalone (2900 m) diner and tonight sleep in the tent.

Day 5// (7-4) Kulikalon  (walking 6 hours)

Breakfast. Wonder in the short of Lake Picnic and diner in the camp. Overnight in the tent.

Day 6// (1-5) Kulikalon-Tchukurak-YakkaKhona (walking 6 hours)

Breakfast. Depart to the lake Tchurkurak (2450 m) pass via the pass Tchukurak (3180 m). Our road passes via the village shepherds. Picnic and come back to the village Yakka Khona (1800 m). Diner and tonight sleep in the home stay.

Day 7// (2-6) YakkaKhona-Khudjand-Tashkent  (350 km)

Breakfast. Continue travel Central Asia. Cross the border Uzbek pass via the city Khudjant. Lunch and pass from the customer office. Meet with guide Uzbek and transfer to Tashkent. Arrival and check-into hotel, dinner, overnight at hotel.

Day 8// (3-7) Tashkent-Urgench-Khiva (30 km)

Breakfast. In the morning transfer is to the airport for fly to Khiva.  The sightseeing tour program in Khiva. You start the visit by the entrance fortress gate “Ata Darvaza” in Itchan- Qala. Visit Kaltaminar, Kunya-Ark, Said Alauddin mausoleum, Mukhammad Rakhim-khan madrasah. Lunch. Continue sightseeing tour by PakhlavanMakhmud mausoleum, minaret of Islam-Khoja, Tash- Khovli Palace and harem, Juma mosque. Dinner. Overnight at hotel

Day 9// (4-1) Khiva-Bukhara   (450 km)

Breakfast. In the morning we leave Bukhara. We pass through the sand-dunes in Kyzyl-Kum desert. Stop at the Chaykhana (tea-house) having lunch. Arrive later afternoon and accommodation at hotel. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10// (5-2) Bukhara

Breakfast. In the morning to continue the sightseeing tour in old part of Bukhara. Visit Ismail Samaniy Mausoleum (IX-X c), Chasma-Ayub Mausoleum, Bukhara local bazaar, Ark Fortress or town citadel and Bolo-Hauz Complex. Lunch. There is a currently still used old madrasah Mir-Arab, Poi-Kalon Ensemble including the minaret Kalyan, Taqi Zargaron (Trading dome of the jewelers), Ulug-Bek madrasah, Abdulaziz-khan madrasah, Taqi Telpak Furushon (trading dome of the hatters), Magoki-Attori mosque, Toqi Sarrafon (Trading dome of the money changers), Labi Khaouz complexe. Dinner. Overnight at hotel

Day 11// (6-3) Bukhara-Samarkand (280 km)

Breakfast. Drive to Samarkand arrive and accommodation to the hotel. Lunch, visit the place Registan and Mausoleum Amir-Timur. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 12// (7-4) Samarkand-Tashkent   (300 km)

Breakfast. Wondering in the bazaar “Siyab”, continue the sightseeing tour by Bibi-Khanym mosque and Shakhi-i-Zinda necropolis, observatory Ulug-bek. Lunch, drive to Tashkent and check in to hotel. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 13// (1-5) Tashkent-Beijing

Finish our journey. Transfer to the airport and depart to China by  Uzbekistan airways