Kg: A touch of the paradise in paradise(13 days 11 nights)

Travel to Kyrgyzstan (Horseback 13 days 11 nights)

Travel to the best place of Kyrgyzstan

China – Bishkek – Tamga – Chokolu – Jukku – Kachka Suu – Djukuchak – Kyzyl Suu – Djily Suu – Jeti Oguz – Karakol -Bishkek -China 

Tour summary:

Day 1//China -Bishkek

Fly to Bishkek with China  Airlines.

Day 2//Bishkek (35 km)

Arrive and meet with guide in the airport. Start Travel to Kyrgyzstan. Breakfast is in the city. Visit the city: place Dostyk, the Opera, the park Dubovy, the museum historic. Breakfast. Transfer to a hotel and accommodation. We will continue the visit by the biggest bazaar ‘Osh bazaar” and the state of Lenin in the center of city. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3//Bishkek-Tamga (300 km)

Breakfast. Drive to the lake Issyk Kul (1600 m), the second the largest lake of mountain in the world. Stop off for visit the tower Burana and the remains archeological city “Balasagu”. Lunch. Arrive to Tamga , the village… near of the lake Issyk Kul and accommodation at a home stay. Dinner. Overnight in the home stay.

Day 4/Tamga-Barskaun-Chokolu  (6 hours riding horse )

Breakfast. Continue travel to Kyrgyzstan. Road to the gorges Barskaun. —— . Picnic on the nature.  —–. Dinner. Overnight in the camp.

Day 5//Chokolu-Djachil Kul-Djukku    (7 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. Continue travel to Kyrgyzstan, Picnic on the nature. Dinner overnight in the camp.

Day 6//Djukku-Kashka Sou     (6 hours riding horse)

Breakfast.Continue travel to Kyrgyzstan. We will continue towards to the gorges Kashka Sou (2779 m)——. Picnic on the nature. Dinner, overnight in the camp.

Day 7// Kashka Sou-Jukuchak    (7 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. We climb on the pass Achu Tor (3641 m). —- . picnic on the nature. Dinner, overnight in the camp.

Day 8//Jukuchak-Kyzyl Sou (7 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. We continue riding towards the Kyzyl Sou (2543 m). Picnic on the nature. Our road pass through scenery—- dinner. Overnight in the camp.

Day 9//Kygyz Sou-Jily Sou  (6 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. Continue travel to Kyrgyzstan. We stroll to ride towards to the gorges Jily Sou, —-. Picnic on the nature. We meet the nomad shepherds on the road. Dinner. Overnight in the camp (2531 m).

Day 10//DJily-Djety Sou (5 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. Stroll towards the gorges Djety Oguz. We pass the river mountain and a pass 2751 m. Picnic is on the nature. We arrive in the end tour in the camp nomad yurts. Dinner and overnight in the yurt

Day 11//Jeti Oguz-Oguz Bachy-Jeti Oguz  (5 hours riding horse)

Breakfast. Continue Travel to Kyrgyzstan. Stroll to ride to the glace Oguz Bachy pass through the village nomads. Picnic on the nature. Come back to the camp. Dinner. Overnight to the yurt.

Day 12// Jeti Oguz-Karakol-Bishkek  (450 km)

Breakfast. Road to Bishkek. Arrive to Karakul and visit the mosque Dunhuang and a cathedral orthodoxy. Lunch. Arrive to Bishkek. Accommodation to hotel. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 13//Bishkek-China 

Transfer to the airport and fly to go back.

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