Transport in Uzbekistan

Transportation services in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan transportation and transport types.

Trip Orient’s transport services are easily the way to get around Uzbekistan, and most of Central Asia in general. We are a travel agency organise transport servises in Uzbekistan.  You can alwayas book a transport with dirver or without dirver. One advantage to hire Trip Orient cars is the best way to save more money for most travellers with a midrange budget get around in Uzbekistan. If you have a valid international driving licence you can rent a car. There are car-rental agencies (  Driving is on the right. Uzbekistan transportation sevices’ costs are generally affordable. Driving your own vehicle across Uzbekistan is possible (You need to provide your insurance from your home country and a valid international driving licence). There are comfortable and safe (Afrosiyab TGV) trains fromTashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Karshi. The cycling across Uzbekistan is possible.

All our drivers are professional and ensure uninterrupted technical condition and cleanliness of their vehicles.





Lacetti (Chevrolet) – Car, higher Nexia (Chevrolet) most widespread in the country, with wider seats, air conditioning, a safe medium size. We propose it for one or two people applying for driver and private guide. In particular cases, if the guide drives the car, it can take three.

Hunday Grand Starex

Grand Starex ( Hunday ) – Minibus comfortable to 9 seats , air conditioning and good audio system. We propose it to small groups of 3 to 5 people light luggage.

Toyota Hias

Toyota Hias – Minibus comfortable 14 seats, air conditioning and very good audio system. We offer for groups of 6 to 10 people given the luggage

Mitsubishi minibus

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus – Minibus comfortable 24 seats, air conditioning, good audio system. We offer this type of vehicle for groups of 11-15 people.

Higer bus

Higer Bus we offer for groups of more than 16 people, which are all comfortable and equipped with microwave, good audio, video system.

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