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Uzbekistan - History and Today

Uzbekistan travel is for discovering the mystic of the Great Silk Road Destinations
Uzbekistan is a PEARL of Central Asia, which is located along the ancient Great Silk Road. The country borders with Kazakhstan on the North, Kyrgyzstan on the East, Tajikistan on the South-East, Turkmenistan on West and Afghanistan on the South. The contribution of uzbek scientists to the development of mankind was high and due to its strategic location there were a lot of invaders coming to these lands.  For instance,  Alexander the Great  came to Samarkand with his army in 329 B.C. The present Samarkand was named as Marakanda on that time. The Arabs invaded Central Asia at the beginning of 8th century. Genghis Khan came to seize Central Asia with his huge army in 1220.
Marco Polo, a merchant traveller from Europe, described Samarkand as a vast and imperious city. Samarkand was a capital of Tamerlane’s Empire in the XIV-XV centuries.

Travelling to Uzbekistan gives an opportunity to discover the variety of  its nature

Uzbekistan is well known for its natural multiplicity, which leaves us with high impression and admire, like endless hot deserts (Kizil-Kum and Kara-Kum), fabulous snowy mountains (Western Tien Shan, Beldersay and Chimgan), tedious long and vast steppe(Mirzachul, Karshichul) , green valleys (Fergana), Kashkadarya oasis, natural lake (Aydar-Kul), drying up Aral Sea, aged-long fortresses, like Ayazkala and Tuproqkala in Karakalpakstan.The diverse climate and vast area ensures wide range of flora and fauna.

We can offer different tours: starting with adventure tours, like hiking, trekking, desert tours, climbing, kayak tours, fishing in the mountains, holiday tours, incentive tours to groups and individual tours as well and ending with combined tours along the Great Silk Road. Uzbeks are very polite, friendly and always welcoming guests(even if they know them for 1 day), for sure you will feel like, you are at home. You are welcomed to talk to them, you will be met like old friends, who know you for centuries and you will get unforgettable memories about Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan travel will help you to discover all kinds of craftsmanship

Uzbek masters’ are famous with their jewelry products, hand made carpets,ceramics, cotton and silk made fabrics. The secrets of their trade are passed from old generation to younger one’s for centuries. By travelling to Uzbekistan  you can get to know with all procedures and have master classes. Your travel to Uzbekistan will be a remarkable one, where you will face the history and present.

Uzbekistan travel is for discovering the turquoise treasures

The legendary cities of Uzbekistan are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and its capital Tashkent. These mythical cities along the Great Silk Road are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. Tourists will visit fabulous monuments, mosques, medressas (religious schools), mausoleums and museums. Every brick of them tells us legends. Furthermore,  there are endless opportunities for ecotourism at Nurata Mountains, Kashkadarya oasis and Zoomin in Jizzakh region. They give  the most diverse tastes for you.
Hurry up to discover the unique richness of Uzbekistan!

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