Reason 1

The Heart of Central Asia
Uzbekistan is the heart of Central Asia. The country borders all Central Asian republics: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. So you can safely combine a trip to Uzbekistan with a tour of other countries. And your friends be sure to brag that you have visited the most land-based state in the world. Thus, Uzbekistan not only does not have access to the sea, but none of its neighbors has such access - to get from Tashkent to the sea, you need to cross at least two borders.

Reason 2

Find new friends
Uzbeks are amazingly open, curious and kind people. Being Muslims, they are absolutely loyal to tourists in mosques and madrassas. Sellers in shops, drivers, security guards and just passers-by are always ready to help you, advise interesting places nearby or just treat you to tea.

Reason 3

100 kinds of plov
Mantas, lagman, shurpa, soms - only the names of these dishes serve as an occasion to visit Uzbekistan. And, of course, pilaf, varieties of which in the country can count about a hundred species. Not only in each city, but each cook it is different - two identical you will not try. The most delicious - wedding. It's served in the morning.

Reason 4

Unique ceramics and embroidery
The best souvenir from Uzbekistan will be traditional ceramics. And in each of the cities of the country it is completely different: traditional blue-green, multicolored in Gijduven, monochrome in Samarkand. The alternative is Suzanne, the national Uzbek embroidery. Species of it can not be considered - it can be a carpet or a dress embroidered with silk or moulin, on black or white fabric. The pattern of embroidery, as in the case of ceramics, differs depending on the region.

Reason 5

Market abundance
To feel the true color of the East, be sure to go to the Uzbek market. Whether it's the country's largest market, Tashkent's Chorsu, or the markets of Samarkand or Bukhara, you'll be shocked by their abundance: fruit ruins, scented melons, fragrant spices and alluring national sweets. What can we say about dried fruits and nuts - this choice you will not see anywhere else. And using the hospitality of the locals, you can leave the market full without spending a single sum.