Traditional Music and Dancing in Uzbekisan

There are various elements in Uzbek culture, such as music, dancing, clothes,arts, handcrafts, traditions, foods, literatues. These activities fulfill Uzbek peoples’ daily life and make the culture of Uzbekistan to become unique and colorful. Among these activities dancing plays a very important role in Uzbek Culture.

Here I would like to represent Uzbek traditional dance. I assert the statement due to three reasons as follows:

Firstly, Uzbek Traditional Dance takes part regional style and historical style: Khorezm dance – “Lazgi” and “Andijan Polka”, – the most popular Uzbek traditional dance. These dances reflect the orginality of Uzbek Culture. Women and man can play these dances. Dancing is one of the ways for people to communicate and dancing has become a very important way for people to show their feelings. For instance, “Lazgi” and “Andijan Polka” are famous dances in Uzbekistan and reflect the culture of Uzbekistan and the characteristics fo the Uzbek people. In culture of Uzbekistan, dancing and music have even become an integral part of our culture. I think, understanding the Uzbek dance style and music help people to understand the culture and character of the Uzbeks. Dancing and music cannot be separated. When people dance, they usually need an appropriate music to accompany. Dance and music plays an important role in Uzbek TO’Y, i.e wedding parties and celebrations. For example, “Yor-Yor” or “TO’YLAR MUBORAK”  is the classical music still plays an imortant role at weddings. We play at every wedding and express feelings such as happiness and love. Dancing and Music plays an importand art form and also plays an important role in cuture of Uzbekistan.

In addition, there are many theatres in Uzbekistan. Many people go to theatres to enjoy performances of music and dances. One of the famous theatres in Tashkent is Alisher Novoiy Musical Drama Theatre. Every provice has thearters as such a Hamid Olimjon Theatre in Samarkand.

Famous Uzbek Dancer and Musician: Tamara Khanum (1906–1991) was an Uzbek dancer of Armenian origin and musicians like Sherali Jo’rayev, Mutal Burkhonov and Komiljon Otaniyozov.

Uzbek national clothes: Do’ppi, Chopon, Belbog’, Massi-Kavush are for men and for women are Paranji, Ro’mol… ect.

Enjoying those beautiful dancing, music can give us a wonderful experience and help us to develop appreciation of the art and enrich our after work life.