Asia and Tamerlane

Europeans call Tamerlane (in Uzbek Temurlang) is a personage Amir Termur. Temur was born in Shakhrisabz near the Samarkand in the 1336. Samarkand was the capital of Sodiana and was one of the impotent cities of the Great Silk Road. His personality is mysterious still. For emplane the cause of his victorious wars. Temur said “Allah give the victory who he chose Allah want to do justice.” There were many soldiers nomads: Iranians, Georgians, Turkmens, and Mongols. They cannot speak the same language. He always operates the combat and participates at the war disipe his handicap.

At the end of his life He has took on his shoulder his combats.

He had been strong general and great administrator, creator, protector of sciences and artists. Amir Temur built an empire from India to the Mediterranean. He found the dynasty of Timureid in the Transoxiane and Iran until 16th century. He conquered the Khanates then in 1394 he conquered Iran, Mesopotamia, Armenia and Georgia. In 1389-1395 was taken the Khanate of Horde the Gold. In 1399 he attacked Syria- Damask and Bagdad.

He died on the 18 February 1405 near the Chimkent (Kazakhstan) at the time of training to the attack of China. His body put in the mausoleum Gur Amir in Samarkand.

On the 16 juien  1941 the group of scientists sovietique compound such as archeologists, chemists, medicines and famous anthropologic Mikhail Greerasimov open the tomb of Timur. After many years Greerassimov showed the “head of Tamerlane”.