Maydanak observatory

Astronomic researches have long history, Nowadays there are 4 in Uzbekistan: Maydanak observatory  which is not far not Shakhrisabz, Kenglik Station in Kitob which is not far from Shakhrisabz, Tashkent Observatory and RT-70 radio-asronomic observatory which is situated on the Suffa plato in Jizzakh. Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences  served as a headquarters of all the observatories, and  provide fundamental astronomic researches here.

Maidanak is located at the south-east of Uzbekistan, It is situated on the moutain Alay-Pamir range (Kitab mountain) at 2600m above sea level and 120 km from the famous historical city of Samarkand, not far from Shakhrisazb.   Maydanak was selected for astronomical observations in the late 60-s as a result by the Ulug-bek Astronomical Institute of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. Maidanak observatory is unique due to its geographical location at the mid distance between the world main astronomical facilities at the Canaries and the Hawaii as well as to its high quality atmospheric conditions. The total amount of clear night time is 2000 hours with median seeing of 0.70 arcsec. It makes Maidanak a very useful and critical site for various observing programs required continuous monitoring of astrophysical objects.

The Observatory is 32h, with two 60-cm and one 48-cm telescopes and AZT-22 1.5m and Karl Seyss-Yen companies 1m  telescopes.

Since 1996 MAO has been involved to a number of international observational and research programs which such as between Uzbekistan and Russian, Ukrainian, US, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and other astronomical institutions.

Now we are working on the new project with Ukrainian and French astronoms. At present all astronomical facilities situated at Maydanak which is diffirent sizes more 10 telescopes.

Tourists can visit the Maydanak observatory and spend one night at the observatory. It is open for visitors, the most interesting part of Shakhrisabz tour with you family and friends.