Bukhara is one of the ancient historical cities on the Silk Road; the city has long served as a center of trade, scholarship, culture and religion (Islam). This city is more than 2000 years old. It is the most complete example of well preserved Islamic city in Central Asia, with an urban fabric that has remained largely intact. Bukhara was long an important economic and cultural center in Central Asia.

Bukhara -“The city of museums”, contains more than 140 architectural monuments of the middle Ages:

Ismail Samanid Mausoleum (IX-X c), Chashma- Ayub Mausoleum, Ark Fortress or town citadel, Bolo- HauzComplex. Currently still used old MadrasahMiri-Arab (XVIc), Poi-Kalon Ensemble, Minaret Kalyan, Taqi (Trading domes), Ulug-BekMedreses (XVc)

Bukhara is 560 km from Tashkent, 270 km from Samarkand, 470 km form Khiva,